A customised medal is a medal which is exclusively made for a client. It relates to their organisation and/or event and will be made only for them. Our speciality is in the design & production of medals customised to the client’s specification. Typically this will be a special medal for a sports organisation, a sports event, a prize medal for academic achievement or a medal to commemorate an anniversary or event.

We can customise medallions with an insignia, portrait, or other artistic rendering so that the recipient will always have a memento of their achievements.

We can design a medal incorporating elements such as a club crest or a logo with text to produce several versions for the client to consider. Once a design has been chosen and approved we will proceed to production of a sample (time allowing) and then mass production. It is our experience that in contrast to generic medals customised medals are highly valued and become treasured possessions of those who win them. On this page you will see some examples of customised medals we have made – they vary greatly in design, size, shape, surface finish and the use of enamel colours.

We will be happy to advise you on how best to interpret your requirements to produce the best medal possible within your design brief and budget.